Meghna Reflex Granada bicycle quick review

UPDATE: 23 March 2012: Within three months of releasing Reflex Granada and Prince Dakota the shops hikes the price from 5,200BDT to 9,000BDT. No doubt that this is a very good bike with a price tag of 6,000BDT BUT it is no way a good buy if it is more than 6,500BDT. The shops are making good money by cheating the consumer because of the demand of a “Made in Bangladesh” bike. Please do not buy or suggest anyone to buy this bike with double price (distributor price is 5,300/- as per information from different source), better go for a Chinese made good bike like Merida/Bigshoot/Format etc with 10,000-16,000/- range which comes with better component and worth the money spent. [NB: anyway the Meghna bike uses all Chinese component except the frame, padal, tire, tube, spoke, rim and saddle].

In my childhood I rode two bicycles. The first one was a cute red small Chinese road bike, my first ride was with this cutey pie. In 1991 I bought a very slick and sexy looking Taiwan made Silver/grey sports bike, cant remember detail but the front and rear derailleur, gear leavers, cassettes were branded as Sun Race. The total weight was less than 10KG. It was a epic story how I bought that bike from Bongsal with help of my Uncle and then carried the box all the way to Rajshahi on a overnight bus alone (I was in Class 8 that time), where in Gabtoli I had to give chanda to local kuli somiti and ended up empty pocket and even no money to eat my dinner. Luckily those days are gone.

In early those days (1985-1996) all the people of that age (teen) must had a bicycle to commute in the city and to go to school. It was like part of our body. It was more necessity than passion.

Few years back I again fall for a bike, went to Bongsal bicycle market few times but couldn’t get a decent bike which at lest could match the quality of that one I used decades ago. Then finally last year bought a Chinese Apache bike. Looks cool but was a crap. Within first week the paddle falled down, bells brokes, break spring jammed, gear malfunctioned, tube refuse to be inflated though there was no leak….. In frustration I gave the bike to Sharif to show it to Al-Amin, the legendary bike mechanics though never met him personally. It came back in some way improved but still I felt walking is more comfortable than riding that Apache. Eventually I gave it to Abdullah bhai who tried to fix it many times and then from frustration through it away. My mid-life passion for bike died with it. Recently in our travel group Travelers of Bangladesh ( many started riding bike, among them Deep, Ashfaq bhai, Roma apa, Shihab they started coming regularly with bicycle. My Wife meherun started showing interest in bike, so I decided to buy two probike from chittagong similar to Deeps one. But when Ashfaq bhai returned from Chittagong bringing his non probike and told me that he saw in the shop they are putting pro-bike sticker I got confused.

Last week Mona bhai of Vromon Bangladesh came and told that someone bought 3 bikes of Meghna group. I went to see the bike and liked it. I decided I would try it, hale with the quality or brand, after all it is “MADE IN BANGLADESH”. We bough two red and one black finally.

Following are some spec and review with Pic of our Meghna Reflex Granada bicycle.

Meghna Reflex Granada Black
Meghna Reflex Granada Black

Meghna Reflex Granada Black
Meghna Reflex Granada Black

Meghna Reflex Granada Red
Meghna Reflex Granada Red

Meghna Reflex Granada Red
Meghna Reflex Granada Red

KS-258 Swing arm rear suspension
Swing arm rear suspension

KS-258 Swing arm rear suspension
KS-258 Swing arm rear suspension

Zoom front fork suspension
Zoom front fork suspension

Sunrun 42T front derailleur
Sunrun 42T front derailleur

3 speed Crank set
3 speed Crank set

Sunrun 42T front derailleur
Sunrun 42T front derailleur

SunRun rear derailleur and 6 speed cassette
SunRun rear derailleur and 6 speed cassette

EZ Twist index shifter
EZ Twist index shifter

EZ twist M16-6 rear shifter
EZ twist M16-6 rear shifter

Brake leaver.JPG
Brake leaver

Avenir Saddale (comes with Black version)
Avenir Saddale

Standard Saddle (comes with Red version)
Standard Saddle

Sunrun Front V brake
Sunrun front V brake

Sunrun Rear V brake.JPG
rear V brake

Meghna paddle
Meghna paddle

Rear Mudguard
Rear Mudguard

Handle bar with ring bell
Handle bar

Handle bar with trip computer (Actually a Garmin GPSmap 60cx GPS unit)
Handle bar

hub (Chinese, something like :shunwan)

Reflex Logo
Reflex logo

reflex powerblade sticker
reflex powerblade sticker

British Standard Certificate Sticker
British Standard Certificate Sticker

Full Specification from what I have saw:

Weight: 18kg
Model name: Reflex Granada
Country of origin: Bangladesh
Accessories included: Front(white) and rear reflector (red), 2x wheel reflector (white), bell
Age group: Young adult plus
Brake lever details: Alloy levers
Brake type: Alloy V-Brakes
Crankset details: steel cranks
Forks details: 26″ suspension fork
Frame size: 18″ frame
Frame tubing material: Steel
Front brake details: Alloy V-brake
Front derailleur details: Sunrun 42T (FD-QD-35 design)
Front suspension: Zoom
Gear shifter details: EZ twist index
Handle bar details: Steel low rise
stand: Yes
Number of gears: 18 speed
Rear brake details: Alloy V-brake
Rear derauiller details: Sunrun (RD-HD-04 design)
Rear suspension: KS-258 750lbs
Rim details: Steel
Saddle: Gents’ MTB saddle
Type: Mountain
Wheel size: 26″ wheel


( 30 Dec 2011) I bought another bicycle for a friend and all the nut bolts were lose (even those were suppose to be fitted in the factory). The left shaft of the crank fall down. At home give two stroke with a wood and hammer before tightening it, to my surprise the shaft cracked….. what is it! Plastic/ABS. Not sure if the whole shaft is plastic or only it is a outer shell 🙁

Advise: after buying it no matter who assembled it for you, take it to another mechanic to tighten all the nut bolts again.


(31 Jan 2012) Later on I found that the crank is actually metal with a plasctic cover molded over it. So no worry about the crank.


(5th February 2012): 2 months has passed, my reflex granada is running fine, so far only did cleaning and lubricating once before the critical mass. Had some long ride 50KM/day and also some abusive off-trail ride. No indication of any problem yet to any of the bike we have (4 of them). Removed all the stickers and mud guards, now it looks very cool and sleek. At the begining the bike was a bit sluggish and feels heavy, but after riding the first two hundread km and proper cleaning of drive train and gears it now flys. Bought many meghna bikes in last 2 months for friends, now the latest price is 6200-6500/- (some shop aggreed to sell in 6000/- BDT but they said later we can not complain…. !!!! what does that mean? will they swap some parts to make up the 200Taka?)

Happy Cycling

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  1. labon says:

    2 wheel ses kore 4 wheel er deke jabi kobe. toke niye amadre onek boro boro prottasha ache na…….. amra dur theke dekbo ar duaa kor bo…..

  2. Trishonku says:

    Great review Rabbi. Very impressive.

    It seems apart from it’s weight there is noting to complain.

    I can’t wait to get one. What could be the price and from where could I buy one?

    • Rabby says:

      Hi Trishonku,
      The reflex Granada is now available in many stores at Bongsal. Price range asked 6000-8000 BDT. We bought 5 reflex granada intact box at a price of 5000 BDT each, and spend 500BDT to assemble each. Now price depends on your negotiation skill. I heared that the distributor price is 4,800/- each.

      I will suggest you check all the accessories as described above to be sure that nothing is swaped if you buy already assembled one. Specially the gear set and shifter. Happy ride.

    • Trishonku says:

      Thank you Rabby for all the information that you have given me.

      Please check your message box in Fb.

  3. Shawon says:

    কিছুদিন থেকেই বাইসাইকেল কিনতে খুব ইচ্ছা করছে। কিন্তু পরামর্শ দেয়ার কেউ নাই।Meghna Reflex Granada আমার পছন্দ হয়েছে। ভাই এর সার্ভিস কেমন ? আপনি কোন দোকান থেকে কিনেছেন বললে ভাল হত। আমি কিনলে কি তাহলে, Intact কিনে assemble করিয়ে নিব। এটা কি বংশালের সব দোকানেই available ????

    • Rabby says:

      আমার তো ভালই লাগে, কম দামে এর থেকে ভালো আর কিছু আশা করি না আমি। বলতে পারি চাইনিজ গুলার থেকে অনেক ভালো। তবে ট্রেক বা মেরিডার সাথে তুলনা করার কোনই মানে হয় না। শুরু হিসাবে খারাপ না। এমটিবি বাইক নিয়ে কয়জন আর মাউন্টেনে চালায়?

  4. Shawon says:

    Rubby vai , which will be better Meghna Reflex Granada or HRM ???

    • Rabby says:

      Please take suggestion from the experts. You might ask it in bdcyclist facebook group. I myself also an new rider, so cant compare two bikes without extensive ride on both.

  5. Sajib says:

    I haven’t ridden bicycle before BDCyclists Training Session. Now that I know a bit if cycling, I’m still not allowed to buy a bicycle because of my parents’ fear of accident (more about that here). But I’m still planning to buy a cycle and I’m confused what to buy.

    My budget is 6000 and they told me to get an HRM. Recently I spotted a story on BDCyclists where they were talking about this particular Meghna bike. I think it costs more and Fuad bhaia was still arguing that HRM is still the best in this price range.

    What do you think should I buy?

    • Rabby says:

      Hi Sajib, I haven’t tried any other bike in decades except an Chinese Apachee, I can say thats a crap. Meghna I am riding for last two months, and it is giving so far good performance. Don’t know what will be condition after many months use.

      You should take suggestion from BDcyclist where there are people who can give you expert opinion about HRM vs Meghna.

  6. Sour says:

    স্কেইট শেইক এ গিয়ে আমি পাগলপ্রায়! যেদিকেই তাকাই সবই পছন্দ হয় শুধু দামটা বাদে। সবচে কমদামি মাউন্টেন বাইকটা দেখলাম ৩০০০০ টাকা, তাও ডিস্ক ব্রেক নাই। ট্রেক এর সবচেয়ে কমদামি ওয়াহু দেখলাম ২৯ স্পিড ৫৫০০০ এর উপরে।
    তবে যাই হোক, সব ঠিক থাকলে আগামিবার দেশে যাওয়ার সময় কমদামি দেখে একটা নিয়ে যাইতেছি কনফার্ম 😀

    • Rabby says:

      দাম একটু বেশি মনে হচ্ছে, কেনার আগে আমাকে জানিও, আমি লোকাল মার্কেটে দাম জেনে দিব। শুধু শুধু বেশি দামে কিনে এতদুর টেনে আনার কোনো মানে নাই।

  7. NC says:

    Is that computer included with the bike?????

  8. NC says:

    And can I find any other Meghna series bike like the BUTLER??? If I could what would the price of one of those???

    • Rabby says:

      So far in my observation there are three models in the market:

      1. Prince Dakota Black : Exact like reflex, different sticker same component and frame.
      2. Reflex Granada Red and Black
      3. Reflex Voyager: No suspension, no gear, city bike

  9. বর্ণ says:

    রাব্বি ভাই, আমি একটা কিনতে চাচ্ছি। কিন্তু টাকা মানেজ হচ্ছে না তাই খুব মনের কষ্টে আছি। এদিকে দাম বেড়েই চলেছে 🙁 যাই হোক রাব্বি ভাই, আপনি আমাকে চেনেন না জানেন না ঠিক আছে, কিন্তু ভাই আমি কেনার সময় আপনাকে পাশে চাই। যদি বন্ধু মনে করে আমার সাথে থেকে কিনে দিতেন আপনার পছন্দসই তাহলে খুবি খুবই উপকৃত হতাম। আপনার পছন্দের তারিফ না করে পাড়া যায় না। আমি একদমই নতুন, কিছুই জানি না সাইকেল সম্পর্কে। আমি কষ্ট করে হলেও এই মাসের মধ্যে টাকা জমিয়ে কিনে ফেলার ইচ্ছায় আছি। আমার কিনতে এবং আসে পাসের যত খরচ আছে, সব মিলিয়ে কত লাগতে পারে একটু জানাবেন প্লিজ 🙂 আর অসংখ্য ধন্যবাদ এই রিভিও টির জন্য। ভালো থাকুন এই কামনায়-

    • Rabby says:

      হাই বর্ণ, কোন সমস্যা নাই, যানিয়েন আমি সময় করে যাবো।

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  11. Jumon says:

    Bhai how much for Garmin GPSmap 60cx GPS unit….?And how it operate.?

    • Rabby says:

      Hi Jumon,
      Garmin GPSMAP60CX is very old model, it was 350$+ back in 2010. There are more recent high spec GPS available in lower price, such as Garmin Etrex20, around 200$.

      GPS gives you co-ordinate, speed, and many other reading like elevation, average speed, average stop time, ride time etc etc….. Also it shows your path on the map. You can also create your own route and follow that.

  12. Jumon says:

    Bhai i can not afford that huge amount of money…would you please tell me how much money i need for bike computer.Because i am going to buy prince toronoto,I saved your page and everyday i am studying that.So now i have a good idea about that bike.But i need a bike computer,because i want to measure my speed.Don’t mind because i asked so many question.:)

    • Rabby says:

      Hi Jumon, Bike computer er dam 800/- at Lion Cycle. You can measure speed and many other features in that.

      Don’t worry, people who writes blog get happy when reader do interaction with them 🙂 ete bojha jay je at least someone is reading the craps :p

  13. Jumon says:

    bhai jehotu obhoy dilen tahole aro kicu jigges kori…Bhai agame mase ame meghna toronto kintece,,,atai amar budget ar moddhe pore,,,bhai helmet,glaves agular dam kemon porve?apne bolechen cycle porbe bhai ai bike computer ki pencil battery te chole,,koidin jete pare naki abar 1,2 mas por nosto hoye jai./ar toronto to 7 gear in back,3 gear in front?ata kinei bhai dhaka javo chaliye 🙂

    • Rabby says:

      Meghnar cycle er dam every day bartase, agami mase koto nibe sure na, but sunechi oder notun ekta bike asbe agami mase, relligh brand er.

      Gloves: polwel market e paben 350/- e, stadium e paben Jorex er ta 350-400 kore. helmet jorex at stadium 400/-

      Bike computer er battery vitore thake, ghorir batarir moto, 1 year e kisu hobe na.

  14. Maqsud says:

    onek informative brother…thanks. a lot…onek guide pelam…keep it up…

  15. EverGreen says:

    ভাইয়া এখন দাম কত নতুন..কোথায় পাবো…..??

  16. mahbub says:

    dear rabbi bhai,
    got lot of tips from you. what would be the approximate price of meghna releigh? my budget is around 15k. which one could be the best bet in this price range?

  17. Zia says:

    Thank you very much for so many practically useful information.

  18. Zia says:

    What price should I expect, if I buy in June’12?

  19. moheeb says:

    রাব্বি ভাই, একটা রেসিং সাইকেল কিনতে চা্চ্ছি। কোন আদেশ-উপদেশ?

    • Fazlay Rabby says:

      রেসিং সাইকেল কোনটা আছে ভালো বাজারে আমার আইডিয়া নাই। বংশালে একটু দেখেন চেক করে। ফেসবুকে বিডিসাইক্লিস্ট গ্রুপেও জিগ্গাস করে দেখতে পারেন।

  20. Benzir says:

    Thanks for your information.bhaia kon cycle ta beshi fast hobe?ami ekto fast bike chachi. “Meghna Reflex Granada Black” tar speed kemon…

    • Fazlay Rabby says:

      Don’t buy a dual suspension bike for speed. You will get more speed from a Race Bike with thin tire and no suspension. For a bit comfort you can look for a MTB Hardtail which has front suspension only.

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  22. md sattar says:

    i wont bisnes in iataly i wont advis pls ,,

  23. moshiur says:

    Hi Concern: I am planning to buy a meghna bike. I live in Uttara. Do any one of you know where could i may find this bike at Uttara.


  24. sonchoy says:

    raleigh twist tweenty six is made by meghna or not?
    please also share the review and price of it

  25. Ansar says:

    what is the price of bicycle computer with gps??

  26. ankon says:

    atar price koto hobe ???

  27. mashrur says:

    vai 7000 er moddhe kono model suggest korte paren?

  28. Sunvy says:

    i wanna buy. good cycle

  29. ASIF says:

    Vaia, sotti apnr prosonsa na kore para jai na. kisu din theke cycle kenar vut mathai chapse. Mone odommo essa r pocket e budget sonkot . apnr ei review ta osdharon ebong onke informative. amke jodi ektu help korten, cycle kenar somoy kon kon jinis lokkhoniyo ebomg valo mondo bujbo ki kore. happy blogging ang keep blogging.

  30. Hello there! Do you know if they make any plugins to safeguard
    against hackers? I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything
    I’ve worked hard on. Any recommendations?

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