My IC-7000 radio back to life


[Technical detail, schemetic and part layout are in the attachment at the bottom of the page.]

One lovely sunny weekends morning I found my 6 months old ICOM IC-7000 is not turning on. Something is wrong, when I press the power button, there were only a relay clicks followed by another clicks seems the relay disengaged it self. There was no display or sound. First thing I check are the two external fuses and one internal (behind the control head) fuse and seems all are fine. I checked my combine P/S & battery voltage level, nice 13.8V. Next thing I did is remove all cables from the radio and left it untouched overnight, next day connected the radio, but again no luck.

I shoot a mail to the IC7000 yahoo group asking for help, as per many suggestions I then cleaned the contacts of the remote head, power connectors and all exposed connections with contact cleaner. Still there was no luck. Ok, time to take a decision, whether I will open the radio or ask ICOM about the warranty? I contacted ICOM America, they told me to contact ICOM dealer in Italy as I have bought the radio from Rome. Previously I thought I could claim warranty from my nearest ICOM dealer (As like the CODAN and MOTOROLA we use in workplace), but I learnt it the hardway with the IC7000. After contacting the ICOM dealer in Italy they suggested me to send it to the shop where I purchased it from.

For me it was almost impossible to post it to Rome due to local regulations about import/export especially if the item is radio coms equipment. I was looking for friends who might go to Rome in near future and willing to take the radio with him. After waiting another 5 months I decided to open the circuits and try to fix it. As the warranty period was almost at an end I had nothing to lose but try.

With the suggestion of Scott of MTS /Malcolm Technical Support, I started checking all the power regulators for the missing voltage line. As per Scott, the Microprocessor is shutting down the system within 500 milliseconds when it detects a missing 5V or 8V supply. I found the 4.7 ohms series resister (R2011) which feeds 7808, the 8v regulator (IC2001) is burnt. Checked the 7808 (after removing it from the board) and found it ok. Replaced the resistor with a quarter watt regular 4.7 ohm resistor, turned on the radio, again the 4.7 burns.
Ok, it looks like something else is shortening the output of that 7808. Traced the line and found it supplies power to the Display module (control head). One 7805 is there, checked and found ok. After checking all the capacitors found one of the big cap  C502 is faulty. It is short. Removed it, checked everything else again.

We are done, the radio is up and running.


Tips: The click click problem can be caused by many other reasons but mainly if the contacts between radio and control head is lose, or there is a lack of power in any 5V or 8V line. For my case it was a burnt resistor caused by a short capacitor. Please check the followings in your radio:

• Check the 7805, 7808 and 3.3V regulators.
• Check the 000 ohm resistors in various power lines for an open circuit.
• Check the capacitors which are filtering the powers for any short circuit.

Tips: If you have this Click Click problem DO NOT try to cross check it with your friends radio, there is a possibility you will kill his radio as well (if the display unit is short like my one)

Thanks to Scott Malcolm ( for the guidance. If I had the options for sending all my other old dead radios to him I would do so happily.

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36 Responses to “My IC-7000 radio back to life”

  1. Fernando says:

    Well done. I also have an IC-7000 and all I’ve read on forums
    is that no one can fix one. They all talk about old time and tube,..etc.
    So tnx for taking the time and wits to find and fix that culprit.
    Inspiring work. Congrats.

  2. Gene says:

    Excellent……and I will try experiment the next time my IC7000 goes down. I recently spent $650 to have mine, out of warranty, repaired and I don’t really know what they did. There seems to be a higher frequency of these units which fail, than other units….but I don’t have hard data to prove it. I bought a K3 while my IC was being repaired, I think the support from Elecraft is excellent and I will have a better chance of diagnosing and repairing its problems in the future because of its modular design, and the support system.

  3. Well done! it is nice to see that some repairs can be done with some reasonable amount of troubleshooting. As well, thanks to Scott for the tip and for assisting in the hams helping theme.
    From my perspective, I have yet to have a 706 that I had to ship off to Icom.
    Icom – Keep making radios like bricks that keep running and running…
    -73- Frank KG9H

  4. Gerhard, dd4da says:

    Well, my congrats to solve the problem of your RIG. I also was an owner of the IC7000 a few years ago. I also got in trouble with that radio just a few weeks operation. In the Filter Unit , an smd coil got a termic sensible break. If i do some qso on 80m, the rig was getting warmer, the tx and rx stops working. I could’nt receiver or transmit on 80m and 40m. After a while of coll down time, the Rig works again. This problem does’nt happens, if the rig is only in rx mode – it’s required that you operate – just do a qso. ICOM HQ in germany found that problem after a long time discussion with me an 7 Weeks time to repair. The weakness in FM mode is’nt fixed by ICOM until this days, so the rig is’nt a reals replacement of my old IC756MK2G. I reselled them and got an IC756Pro3 that i am using since that days.
    ICOMs radios are nice and functionaly but the Qualtiy of production seems to be a problem for ICOM. I don’t know why ICOM does’nt fix the Sofware in the dsp unit to solve the FM loudness problem.

    vy 73 de Gerd

  5. Dear friend.
    You really help me!
    I had the same problem with my Rig I(COM IC-7000). Curiosly the same capacitor fail (It´s short).
    I´m very happy to solve that problem.
    I live in Brazil and here we don´t have ICOM support.
    Thank´s again!

    • Rabby says:

      Dear Farnando,
      I am happy to know that my article here helps you solve the problem. As mentioned, we also do not have ICOM support here which actually forced me to do the troubleshoot myself. Now I know at lest someone get benefited by this writeup and that all my efforts worth something.

      Thanks for your comment. Happy Dx 73, Fazlay

  6. Ok my friend Rabby. You really help me.
    Many thanks again! The Rig is working now.
    Good Dx´s 73, Fernando

  7. Rahul says:


    Excellent troubleshooting skills. Exactly same problem with my 706. Took the radio with me to US and spent 130 $ to repair it. Must be the very same capacitor.

    Now I have problem with my trusted TS-450S. One morning it’s working fine with 100 watts out, next day just 20 watts getting out of rig. Tried all tricks. Nothing worked. My friends point out to the driver transistor failure. A common problem with all Kenwood rigs of that era.

    Any suggestions ?
    Rahul VU2YK

    • Rabby says:

      Dear Rahul,
      Thanks for the comment.

      About the TS450, I have no idea as I never worked with one of that. As with any other radio please check the following which may caused low output:

      1. Check the power supply (have u changed anything recently? One time I used a power cable from Codan radio and my output of ICOM drops to 50W). Clean the power pins.
      2. Check for SWR in antenna, Modern rigs lower the power to make your radio safe in case of mismatch.

      Try to study the service manual to see what can be wrong. If you have a copy then send me in email s21rc#hotmail

      Thanks. Fazlay

  8. Rakesh says:

    Dear Fazal,
    Kudos to your repair of IC-7000. Good job done. I can imagine, how scary and difficult this would have been for you to take the risk of opening the radio apart..But you have done a brave job by opening boards and reaching a defective stage/component.. Wish a long life to your radio and long time enjoyment to you with cute little set.

    • s21rc says:

      Hi Rakesh,
      Thank you for your comment. Actually I had no other options left which force me to open the radio and put my dirty hands on the circuit board 😉

      Wish you happy Dx, 73, S21RC Fazlay

  9. cullen says:

    Nice work. Thanks for the effort in making the information available to us all. These radios have fantastic performance but have so much technology and so many parts that failure is inevitable and solution difficult.
    73 es gd dx de cullen K5HAL (since 1956)

    • Rabby says:

      Thanks Cullen for the appreciation. The more the radio becomes small more difficult to fix it 🙂

      Have a good dx, 73, s21rc

  10. Allan kb5doh says:

    Hi, My question a friend has a Icom 7000 in his car the main unit is in his trunk mounted near the top his remote is in his console and he has it hooked to a tar-hill screwdriver antenna HF, he has started having a problem with the unit when adjusting the antenna no matter what freq: he tunes for the SWR meter always reads 3.0 + that is as low as it gets I put my analyzer on and it shows that the SWR does go down to 1.0 or 1.1 so that tells me his radio is having a problem also he said use-to be quite till he got near a working Freq: then he could hear noise now he hears noise all the time. The temps here have been high 112 degrees today so in the trunk of his car it would be higher not to mention inside the passenger compartment has anyone had a similar problem and/or can it be fixed is it the radio or antenna I think the Radio has a problem.
    Anyone with a answer. ?

    • Raul says:

      loocking for the best SWR my 7000 turn off, and discover if you conect a wire to chassis to ground the problem disappears,, I used 2×6 mm coper wire (+/- poles) direct from battery to 7000, but need the aditional wire for ground conection! good luck LU3AW

  11. Tom VK4DDG says:

    Hi Rabby, Thanks so much for for going to the trouble of putting your fix on the web, It has helped me alot and pointed me in the right direction.
    I bought a 7K not going and it also suffered from the click click issue.
    in my case the 4.7 ohm resistor and 7808 regulators were ok,
    the problem was in the control head with one of the filter caps C502 the 100uf 16volt cap was shorted, so i removed and replaced both C501 and C502 and all is good no smoke Hi Hi,
    with mine i noticed that the back led light in the mic was dim when pluged into the head and brighter when pluged into the back of the radio, this only lit breifly on turn on before the processor would shut the radio down. THANKYOU FOR YOUR HELP GETTING MY RADIO FIXED best regards Tom VK4DDG

    • Rabby says:

      Hi Tom,
      Happy to know that my effort of documenting the problem helping others. The culprit is the C502 caps. Many people has the same problem. I hope ICOM will put a better component in their future 7000 radios, specifically the C501 and C502.

      I ran my radio without the C502 for few months, and then the other caps C501 i guess, also gone. Removed it but without the filter caps the head unit goes crazy. Still looking for a suitable small size electrolyte caps to fit that place. In my country SMD caps are not found, so looking into junks to get one 🙂

      Best happy dx, s21rc

  12. BJ WB4FEV says:

    Thank you!
    For your,hard work.
    And your,kindness
    to help others. Be
    safe and good DX.

    73’s bj wb4fev.

  13. Eddie Brindley says:

    Thank you so much for the photos and the article,,,this helps,,my ic-7000,comes on display works,,can see the signal on the display,but audio has loud hum in it,hum stays the same level except ccw position on volume it goes away,,,but still no audio…..Thanks

  14. Ernst says:

    Just another succes repair. My IC7000 failed, display behaved strage. C501/C502 replace and ok! Many thanks.


  15. Mac Harper says:

    My IC-7000 developed click-click problem, but occasionally would run for a couple of minutes. I removed the front panel, then put it back on, and system ran! There is a row of gold contacts connecting the panel with the rest of the radio; I suspect that there was a faulty/intermittent connection. Thanks for mentioning that it was a possibility!

  16. Sunil says:

    Hi ,
    I have an IC 7000 with same problem .There is no ICOM service in India. Thanks for putting out the info.
    Sunil VU2MTM

  17. kadir says:


    icom 7000 cihazın sinyal göstergesi çok az gösteriyor, bunu ayarlamak için gizli menü ayarı nedir ?

    s 9+20 gelmesi gereken s3 gösteriyor, yükseltmem lazım.

    TA2IKY 73

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  21. Antony Wayland says:

    My problem is ultra low power on all bands it go’s into TX but that’s about it its reviving OK, but not TX much more than about 500mw, I am unsure if this is a finals problem as its on all bands and I believe the HF and VHF/UHF block are not the same any help you can give be handy
    Tony Du3/G1HJW

  22. Tommy says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have a funny thing happening with my IC-7000 which I was hoping to take with me in 7 days as I leave for the Greek islands.

    The radio just won’t turn on and I noticed on a long trip away a few days ago it would just turn on and off as I was txing ?

    I got a friends IC-7000 today and found my radio turns on with my his head unit on my radio and then my head unit on his radio but it’s in black and white screen ?

    I went and got my separation cable out of my car and my radio works 100% with the cable on but of course I don’t want to travel next week with a cable.

    Any ideas would be very much appreciated

    Regards Tommy vk2ir

  23. Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as
    I provide credit and sources back to your website?
    My website is in the very same niche as yours and my users would certainly benefit from a lot of the information you present
    here. Please let me know if this ok with you. Regards!

  24. Lyle says:

    Hi, I have a problem with my ic7000 that it will not turn on and off by the switch, When plugged into power, screen goes through start up Icom logo, Then goes to black screen. Unplug from power to turn off, Like a firmware problem. Icom Say Cant fix because someone removed the serial number. Hmmmmmm

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  27. Clistenes says:

    MI IC7000 have not RX in none bands only slight noise, in VHF , mode WFM is ok.
    Clistenes, YV1DDH

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