New Horizons Mission

Couldn’t stopped myself to signup and get my name on the spacecraft.

Working the magic band (6m)

2 years back I homebrewed an 4 element DK7ZB design 6m beam antenna, mostly because of some ham friends from europe (specially SV1DH costas, who keeps sms me of opening as well) who just don’t stop requesting me to be onair on 6m (50MHz, an amateur radio band). Last year I had few contacts on […]

25th Anniversary of Ham Radio in Space – Commemorative certificate

November 29th of 2008 was the 25th anniversary of Ham radio (amateur radio) in space. To celebrate this event ARISS (Amateur Radio in International Space Station) has announced a special contest. During the month of December and part of January Astronauts of the International Space Station (ISS) will active different modes of operation of the […]

CQ World Wide WPX Contest 2010

Received the Certificate for participating the CQ World Wide WPX Contest 2010 few days ago. 1st Place in the “High power SSB single operator – all band” mode from Bangladesh Division: 1st Place in the “Tribander/Single element High power SSB – All band” mode in Bangladesh Division and 9th in Asia:

S21RC ready to operate from Haiti

Finally today received the license to operate as HH2/S21RC from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Last week me and Roberto, YS1RS has installed the mast and a 40m inverted V in the office space which is in a big container, we have plan to install a 20m antenna in the weekend. From next Monday HH2/s21rc will be active […]

বাংলাদেশ থেকে এক মহাকাশচারির সাথে কথোপকথন

২৯শে জানুয়ারি ২০০৯ সাল, এমএসএন মেসেন্জারে খবর দিল নেদারল্যান্ডের বন্ধু ‘কোর’ PD0RKC, স্পেস স্টেষন থেকে কে নাকি কথা বলছে রাশিয়ার সাথে, ওরা শুনতে পাচ্ছে ইউরোপ থেকে…… পড়ি মড়ি করে ছুটে গেলাম রেডিও শ্যাক এ, সফটওয়ারে দেখি আর মাত্র কয়েক মিনিট বাকি আমাদের মাথার উপর আসতে….. কক্ষপথ টা দেখে নিয়ে ছুটলাম ছাদে, এ্যনটেনা ঐ ডিরেকশনে ঘোরাতে হবে। রেকর্ড প্লেয়ার অন করা…… ডিসপ্লে তে দেখাচ্ছে আস্তে আস্তে মহাকাশ যান বাংলাদেশের দিকে আসছে, ভি-এইচ-এফ রেডিও তে ISS এর ফ্রিকোয়েন্সি থেকে হঠাত ভাঙা ভাঙা ভাবে ভেসে আসলো রাশিয়ান ভাসায় কথা, আমি কিছুক্ষন অপেক্ষা করে কল করলাম “S21RC, RS0ISS do you copy?” উত্তর ভেসে আসলো, “Yes I can copy, repeat please…. this is the International Space Station, This is yury”…… “Ok Bangladesh, I copy you” এর পর সিগনাল রিপোর্ট আদান প্রদান করলাম। কথা বলছিল উনি হচ্ছেন Flight Engineer Yury V. Lonchakov

Worked All Europe DX Contest 2008 Award

Certificate for Participating in the Worked All Europe DX Contest 2008. #1 in Bangladesh (Among 1 participants 🙂 )

ISS crossband repeater: voice s21rc & vu3tyg

Last few months I was chasing the International Space Station and some other Satellite like AO-51. I was trying to use different modes of communication NASA approved for the ISS amateur radio setup. The cheap eggbeater antenna I home-brewed (made) and used to receive the SSTV image from the space station was showing its age, the physical shape of the antenna was not what it was when I fixed it on my rooftop over the water-tank, the electrical joints were corroded. I guess the polarization was changed as well due to the above problems, you will hear the fadeout of reception during the conversation.

Live camera image from International Space Station

Live camera image transmitted from the “International Space Station (ISS)” is captured by me, Fazlay Rabby, call sign S21RC for the very first time in Bangladesh. The transmission was received on 18 October 2008 at 4:18 PM local time when the ISS was flying its 56,793 number orbit, 1700KM away from Dhaka and at a […]

My IC-7000 radio back to life

One lovely sunny weekends morning I found my 6 months old ICOM IC-7000 is not turning on. Something is wrong, when I press the power button, there were only a relay clicks followed by another clicks seems the relay disengaged it self. There was no display or sound. First thing I check are the two external fuses and one internal (behind the control head) fuse and seems all are fine. I checked my combine P/S & battery voltage level, nice 13.8V. Next thing I did is remove all cables from the radio and left it untouched overnight, next day connected the radio, but again no luck.